Welcome to Stressville

Population: Me, and maybe you too?

Fry is STRESSED too.
I know it’s not easy for anyone to deal with stress but I find I particularly tend to turn little things into much bigger things when I’m already stressed out.
I have been having issues with internet, with my family, and with work so my apologies to anyone who has been expecting a new post from me.  
I’d like to report that things are beginning to clear up, although I have a pretty busy week ahead: trainings, work, and errands galore, not to mention popping into a few places to inquire about jobs! Oh joy!
There are plenty of ideas for new projects up ahead and I think I’m finally going to make my way into **Smartphone Land** and buy myself a Samsung Galaxy III, which will ALSO allow for some snazzy photos to make their way into this blog! (which I have been waiting to do FOREVER!)
A Slow Loris just CAUSE okay.
So once again PLEASE bear with me, I hope to be back at it in no time!
Here’s a Slow Loris playing with a mini umbrella to thank you for your time:

I can’t.