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Eastern Bridal+

Easter Bridal 9
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Ever wondered how to incorporate some pizazz into your wedding look?

Last year I had the opportunity to take an Eastern Bridal Workshop at promakeupart.com with the school’s founder Robert Closs. The idea was to learn a different approach to traditional Western Bridal makeup, which is normally softer and more monochromatic (think pinks and neutrals).

In this approach, colour is much more widely expected and appreciated. I had the chance to create a look based inspired by the pashmina that was hanging in my closet at home. I had some cool golden jewellery that fit the look, and we topped it off with a bindi for more authenticity.

Please note, the use of bindi was not meant to insult or offend the culture that wears them.

Thank you to my beautiful friend Becky for being my model!

I can’t wait for the chance to create some Eastern Bridal looks for clients in the future.

Happy Tips Tuesday!

– K

Zombie Time+

Photo by Naomi Hiltz Edit by Armor+Adorn
Photo by Naomi Hiltz
Edit by Armor+Adorn

I recently had the chance to create a pretty gruesome zombie look for my Out of Kit special effects course at http://promakeupart.com/

Thank you to my colleague and friend Ondria for helping me out on modelling. It was a painstaking process that took over 4 hours to complete but I think the efforts speak for themselves!

Here’s some rough cuts of the look: