Hard on Yo’self+

So I think the problem I had my first time trying to do this blog thing was trying to strive for some level of perfection that was impractical to my life. It just didn’t work to be so methodolical, I just didn’t have the time, nor the energy.

So here we will try this again with a more lax vibe, starting with “Cool Things That Happened Today”:

– I was the model for my makeup class @promakeup on Instagram, doing an old age hag makeup on one side and a Chicago showgirl on the other!

– Laughed SO hard at my class’ hag to showgirl transformations; who knew we were such great actors :p Bless Rob Closs’ ratty wig collection

– I went to Hiscott’s and got some awesome stuff, including a brush from Grumbacher that’s KILLER

– Got amazing sushi with @valentinadang and @tutasithi downtown (Toronto!), ate too much, fell asleep like a baby on the train home

– And finally, got to see some seriously TRAGIC outfits on their way to the Rihanna concert…:( so much buttcheek!

It was a great day and I’m stoked for more!

Goodnight for tonight 🙂