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My cat Virgil with Flounder the fish
My cat Virgil with Flounder the fish

So I am so proud of the week that I’ve had. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication to finally post this official Armor+Adorn website and finally set forth on my freelancing journey.

It's my cat in a box
It’s my cat in a box

Just a little seed in my head for years, the concept for A+A was always to have a fantastic and visually stimulating website so that people knew what they would be up against when working with me.

It took me a long time to seek this vision because I lived with years of doubting my skills, anchored in years of a perfectionist mentality. Through much consideration (and knowing that that mentality would never really be gone) I knew that I needed to start my journey for it to count as a journey.

Virgil watches Jenna Marbles...
Virgil watches Jenna Marbles…

Yesterday during a very typical and mentally arduous few hours at my day job, I had the opportunity to check out the labour of love my very brilliant and creative friend Omar Khafagy had been working on for as long as I’ve known him (years!).  He launched his website and series of podcasts called YearofWriting set out to inspire those writers of all kinds who were struggling perhaps to create the story they’ve always wanted to tell.

This hit me because I’ve very much like him, struggled to come out with my story of Armor+Adorn because I was so worried it just wasn’t right.

Omar introduced me to this excerpt from Ira Glass on Storytelling:

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

As a “creative worker”, makeup artist, beauty advisor, and ambassador for all things imaginative, I was able to take a cue from this video and realize that my search for perfection was NORMAL; to have ambitions was GOOD.  Then, what was I doing wrong?  That’s just it, I wasn’t doing.  I wasn’t doing a darn thing.  I was so crippled by fear of doing and not doing the right thing, that I wasn’t doing anything at all.

What Omar and Ira were able to inspire me with was that the only way to live up to the grandeur of my ambitions was to do things, do work, do makeup and hair, write, post pictures…anything that would keep the momentum going.

So finally the title of this post “Graduating” is in realization of all that, finally moving on, catching the wave and being able to stick with it.

Next up, more random Virgil photos? Of course.  More so, picking a new theme for WordPress that allows me to more adequately showcase my work (and that doesn’t auto-rotate my pictures into landscape :().

And we're out...
And we’re out…

Hope everyone has a great weekend,

K 🙂

P.S. Everyone check out Omar’s inspirational series YearofWriting.


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  1. Hey Kasia!

    Thanks for sharing my site, and for the kind words. You’re doing pretty swell over here, and I’m looking forward to seeing how your work progresses.

    Glad you took something out of my podcast!

    Keep it up girl!

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