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Eastern Bridal+

Thank you to my beautiful friend Becky for being my model!

I can’t wait for the chance to create some Eastern Bridal looks for clients in the future.

Happy Tips Tuesday!

– K

Zombie Time+

Photo by Naomi Hiltz Edit by Armor+Adorn
Photo by Naomi Hiltz
Edit by Armor+Adorn

I recently had the chance to create a pretty gruesome zombie look for my Out of Kit special effects course at

Thank you to my colleague and friend Ondria for helping me out on modelling. It was a painstaking process that took over 4 hours to complete but I think the efforts speak for themselves!

Here’s some rough cuts of the look:



A Blush Love Affair+

Maggie Rizer being attacked by beauty tools
As a beauty advisor people are often asking me what my favorite products are, overall and of course categorically (bronzer, eye shadow, primer, gel moisturizer – you get the picture). I find that my tastes are always changing as I am constantly trying out new things, and I’m certainly not brand loyal overall, save for a few brands that are just really THAT GOOD (Nars, Tarte, Make Up For Ever and Smashbox, to name a few).
One of my fave areas to play around in is cheeks. I am always on the hunt for great bronzers, blushes, highlighters, and the like.  I get super excited when I find that gorgeous blush colour or that perfect matte bronzer (finding a good matte can be a battle).
The best part is that the textures, finishes and colours are constantly evolving. I find myself constantly reminding the 40+ consumer that cream blush isn’t how it used to be twenty, even ten years ago.
The greatest finds are blushes and bronzers that work on many skin tones and skin types. Despite all the change, sometimes a good classic is a feat in the makeup industry.
What’s even better is a blush with history…

true-to-tone Orgasm by Addicted To All Things Pretty
Take NARS Orgasm, a shimmery peachy pink that is cited as being “universally flattering”, arguably the most popular blush in the world. I don’t necessarily find the former true (it can look a bit warm on some skin types) but I do find it a great blush simply because of the depth of colour and the flashes of gold, which I have a huge affinity for.
NARS Danmari Palette:Top row: Hungry Heart, Orgasm, DesireBottom row: Casino, Super Orgasm, Sin
Last year I was so gutted that I missed out on the NARS Danmari palette (Look at how beautiful!! *tears*) that I was highly considering overpaying the eBay scavengers for one.  Alas, $100+ for that was not in the cards.
NARS Joie de Vivre Palette:Top row: Albatross, Gaiety, Luster
Bottom row: Laguna, Orgasm, Angelika
So this year, NARS delivered again with the Joie de Vivre palette, which again sold out before I even knew it (this time as an exclusive to Nordstrom in the U.S.).
NARS Foreplay Palette C$58 at Sephora
Now I check my Sephora email to find out that a new one has again hit the shelves. This exclusive palette called Foreplay consists of Orgasm blush (like they all do), plus a matte pink, a matte peach, and a golden shimmery highlighter shade – essentially a deconstructed Orgasm palette.  Now this is a palette that will be a win win for most people. Because it not only includes the original, but also enough variety through a cooler pink and warmer peach that you can customize the blush to your skintone. The Albatross looking shimmer is equally as essential to perfect highlighting. For $58 CDN, I might just suck it up and buy it, “for my kit” of course. 
What’s your take on Orgasm; is it worth all the hype?