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Fashion Friday+

Courtesy of
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In honour of the recent 86th Academy Awards, that’s Oscars to me and you, I thought it important to showcase some of my personal favourites in some AWESOMESAUCE categories.


For full coverage of the night’s top trends and style makers, check out Nathalie Atkinson’s review of the show for the National Post.

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Lily Cole+

Hey people!

So for this week’s Fashion Friday, I thought it might be a nice idea to focus on the work of a model who’s proven herself a real chameleon in her work:
Lily Cole

From Wiki:

Lily Luahana Cole is an English model and actress. She is listed by Vogue Paris as one of the top 30 models of the 2000s, and having studied acting since her childhood took to her first lead role as Valentina in Terry Gilliam‘s fantasy film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in 2009.


Hippe Chic
Femme Fatale
Fresh Faced
Flamenco Girl
Vogue Covergirl
Bond Girl

As a makeup artist, I appreciate faces like Lily’s because they are so easily transformed into different personas.  While Lily is known for her big blue eyes, heart-shaped face and auburn hair, she is equally as known for capturing a magical transformative quality in her work. She can convincingly go from Hollywood Starlet to Bohemian Circus Performer, and everything in between; that authenticity is a rare trait amongst many models today. 


Lily has not only proven herself versatile as a model but breaking into acting now it’ll be interesting to see how her acting chops pan out. I saw her on Doctor Who where she played a sea siren, where let’s just say her modelling background definitely helped her out. Check out those facial expressions, albeit digitized in the one below!
Angry Siren
Sympathetic Siren
I would love to be able to work with a model that I can consider a muse, as I’m sure Lily Cole is to the many designers, artists, and directors she works with on a regular basis. The limitless potential of looks that can be depicted through her make it easy to come up with those looks in the first place!
What would you like to see next week for Fashion Friday


Fairytale Dress Time TWO+

WELCOME to PART TWO of A+A‘s dedication to some amazing couture bridal designers! If you didn’t have enough to look at last week with St. Pucchi, here’s a special treat for you 🙂

Monique Lhuillier and her designs
The Los Angeles based, Philippines-born couture designer has become a household name in bridal and red carpet gowns. Her lacy and frothy dresses are huge hits amongst celebrities and us regular folk alike. She is known for her ultra-feminine and ultra-flattering body conscious bridal designs (as well as AWESOME bridesmaid designs too!). May I present just some of the many dresses that Lhuillier has crafted for her recent collections!
Note: All runway photos are courtesy of
Fall 2012 Collection:
Adoration Bodice
Aurora Back
Aurora Detail
Cecelia Bodice
Cherish Bodice
Coquette Back
Coquette Bodice
Heidi Front
Heidi Back
Mila Back
Promise Back
I think Aurora and Coquette are my favourites from this collection, simply because of how much detail is put into each of them. 
Aurora has incredible beadwork, but also a very classic fit and flare silhouette.  The neckline is typically very flattering on most body types, but unfortunately the model doesn’t have quite enough in the bust to fill it properly.
Coquette just has a beautiful shape with a bustier bodice, cap sleeves, a dropped waist and a ribbon belt. The textured skirt is dramatic but romantic at the same time. 
Both dresses also have a great off-white colouring too, which I find to be the easiest for most complexions to wear.  Sometimes a stark white can be too cold and severe on a bride.
 Spring 2012:
As an extra treat, I’ve included some picks from Lhuillier’s earlier Spring collection, where you’ll see more petal-like fabric accents, floral embroidery and beading, delicate lace edging, textured chiffon layers, her affinity for belts, and rhinestone butterfly embellishments. 
Aphrodite Bodice
Catherine Bodice
Orchid Bodice
Flutter Bodice
Legend Bodice
Waltz Bodice
Join A+A next week for a tribute to yet another fabulous bridal designer: Elie Saab.
See you all soon 🙂
P.S. What other designers would you like to see featured as apart of Fairytale Dress Time?
Let me know in the comments below!

Fashion Friday+

Corsetry by The Blonds

Who doesn’t have a fashion friday? I’m not going to claim originality on this one, but why not have a day dedicated to some awesome finds in regards to style?

This week is dedicated to detail work, whether embroidery, sequins, structure, framework, corsetry or any other embellishment from designers such as Givenchy, The Blonds and Thierry Mugler.

Enjoy the picks for the week!

The Blonds 
Noomi Rapace in Givenchy
Note: Practicality isn’t always critical to inspiration :p

Modern Day Armor+

We each keep our strength by putting up our own sense of armor, whether it be literal or figurative, physical, emotional, or even, fashionable.  For light fare, I find it’s always inspirational to look at the latter.  Sometimes it may be that representation of armor that helps us feel protected and safe.
So without further ado, here’s some of the fashionable:

Lily Cole for Vogue
Arm armor at its absolute finest
“Armure” by Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano
Natalia Vodianova in the same Dior suiting as above
Jessica Stam in sequins
Knitwear by Sandra Backlund
Evidence of brilliant modern day styling
Lily Cole in Vogue (again)
What images make you feel safe?
P.S. More on Lily Cole, Jessica Stam, Natalia Vodianova, and designer Sandra Backlund to come.

Fairytale Dress Time+

In honour of my friend Mikayla at Eat, Drink, and Be Married, having completed her wedding planner course, I wanted to share with you all some of my all-time favorite couture wedding designers.

Maria Karin Couture
I love fairytale and fantasy, so I’m automatically drawn to dresses that evoke that quality in the bride. Obviously these dresses are not for everyone, nor are they entirely practical (guilty!) but they are completely dreamy and wonderful and I hope they can lead to some wedding inspiration!

Part One: St. Pucchi

The 2010 St. Pucchi 9264
I fell in love with a St. Pucchi gown after having looked through a slew of Middle Eastern and Lebanese designers years ago, when my love for bridal began to emerge. The brain child of Rani Totman, St. Pucchi Couture (plus Sposa and Avine Perucci) creates dresses that exude artistry, with avant-garde and ornate details that are likely to make you feel as much the museum piece as a bride! 

Note: The dress above was originally worth around $12,000 and is one of my “dream” dresses.  It features a removable skirt/train piece and a hand crafted floral bodice with strategically placed lace flowers. Let me say though, not my dream budget :p

from the 2012 Capsule Collection:

Join me for the superfly (yes I said superfly) continuation of Fairytale Dress Time+ next week with Part Two: Monique Lhuillier.

Until then…