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This little venture was born out of a strong desire to teach people the transformative nature of makeup and how it can be one of the greatest methods of self-expression.

Growing up I never thought that this would be a possibility. I was an insecure kid growing up in a very intimidating world with a traditional sense of beauty. I didn’t look like all the faces I saw in the magazines.

Makeup helped me realize that I could make my own interpretation of beauty and that I could make my outside inspire how I felt on the inside.  Armor is your inner beauty, it keeps you strong and wise, open and inspired. Adorn is your outer beauty, what you do to express yourself.

Ultimately, you need to be happy with who you are, both inside and out. I want you to feel like that beautiful bride, inspiring character, and fierce model. Perhaps, a mixture of them all.

As queen RuPaul once said, “we’re all born naked, and the rest is drag”.

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<3 Kasia

Disclaimer: All photos featured are credited to their original photographers. Photos may have been edited to fit into meta slider. Featured photographers include Photography by Emma, Michelle Molon, Kathy De Merchant, and Alex Cruz. If anything isn’t credited properly please email me for changes info@kasiawisz.com.




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